About من نحن

Who are we?
We are Non-Religious Sudanese,Atheists and Agnostics, looking to share our valuable experience and Ideas. We are willing to live ethical fulfilling lives on the bases of reason and humanity.

Why we are here?
While the recent  unrest in Sudan and arising situation on the North region, with the domination of the "Islamists" regime adopting traditional implementation of Sharia law, Sudan became no thing than a crises. A recalling of  the mideavel ages and Nazi Euroupe.

Under Sharia law Women, children and homosexuals have been clearly discriminated against with the arbitrary rules that justifies an unequal treatment  referring to historical and cultural mythologies reformed by political needs.   

Suppression of scientists, free thinking intellectuals for positing scientific truth  has always been clashing with the creed of religious theories. 

As Sudanese non-religious, we do not have the right to publicly air our views and argue our cases according to a death penalty code on the 1991 Sudanese Criminal Act, Section 126.2. The fact any has renounced Islam overemphasize that personal security can not be granted in any sense of safety.

Our Aims?
* Speak out loud as non religious sharing our experience, Ideas and... Strongly Exist.

* Advocate humanism within our communities and encourage free critical thinking .

* Make the best of the one life we have by creating meaning and purpose for ourselves.

* Fight for One Secular Law for All and freedom of expression and thoughts.