Friday, 18 January 2013

28 years and apostasy laws are still in practice! ٢٨ عاما وما زالت قوانين الردة مفعلة

on this same day, 18th of January, 28 years ago...a brilliant Sudanese theologian and progressive Islamic thinker was hanged to death in central Khartoum and executed after been charged of apostasy....a crime punishable by death in Sudan as well as in many other countries adopting Islamic constitutions and sharia legislation....

what makes me feel really sad is not only the loss of such a thinker, but also the continuation of these barbaric laws up to our present time...just this month:
Kewaite jailed Ben Baz for criticizing Islam, Sudia Aribia jailed Raif albadawi for his liberal views, Egypt sentenced a family for 15 years as they converted from Islam and Tunisian artist Nadia Jelassi is facing prison for her ' un -slamic' artistic pieces...

as we speak today, 19 countries adopt sharia constitutions in different African and Asian regions. Countries’ like Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen constitute clear death penalties for those not only renounce or criticize Islam, but also anyone who thinks freely and wishes to live a 21 century life.

This is not an ex-muslim, atheist or any specific group's issue; this is a basic human right that anyone is entitled to. living, thinking and expressing freely is what we have achieved so far as humans over long lasting battles with huge sacrifices. lets all strongly and unequivocally defend this right and make sure new generations do not have to go through the same crap.

#stop_apostasy laws #support_freedomofexpression #Secularworld


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