Sunday, 20 January 2013

Authorities have arrested Egyptian blogger Ben Baz, resident in Kuwait for criticizing Islam..
Kuwaiti authorities have arrested an Egyptian blogger, resident in Kuwait for (blasphemy).
The Islamic world nowadays lives in a situation which is very much similar to the times of the inquisition when the opponents of the Church were beheaded. I consider this arrest as an abusive and unjust act that goes against the principles of human rights, and I beseech the international community, the UN, and non governmental organizations to intervene and protect secular activists in the Islamic world, and to put severe sanctions on any country that does not protect the right to freedom of belief, of opinion, and conscience.
السلطات الكويتية قامت بألقاء القبض على المدون المصري والمقيم في الكويت بتهمة جاهزة وهي (ازدراء الاديان).

#FreeBenBaz #support_freedomofExpression

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